79 definitions by alyssa

A non-ugly person, attractive?
Hayyyyyy SUP QT you're a definite DOINK!
by ALYSSA February 28, 2005
A wasian is a riccer
riccer is a wasian yes
by alyssa December 19, 2004
a show that is made of japanese people. which is taken by americans, and have stupid, buty hilarious, mouth overs. then have stupid contestants do stupid things and fall into a big pile of mud.
those crazy japanese people, never give americans and ideas...
most extreme elimination- contestants: inventors and the cocktail waitresses...
by alyssa December 10, 2003
another word for very cool!

started with friend jess
Oh my god that new sweater is so fat-free
by alyssa March 09, 2005
what a teacher puts on a paper you did crappy on
you did really bad, check minus for you
by alyssa January 23, 2004
When a chick has extreme amount of skin covering her clit
Look at some porn i dunno!
by ALyssa March 14, 2005
The object that holds your mail and they has spiders eat it. Mailboxes hate Fays, though the Fay's just keep skull humping them. Makis get get very jealous of this and kill the mailbox.
by Alyssa December 24, 2004
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