79 definitions by alyssa

Something that is extremely gross
OMG that was a groddy, who would eat a bug?
by Alyssa March 15, 2005
wonderful and amazing. very excitement inducing!
The Gator vs. FSU game was huongo
by alyssa November 20, 2004
what you say INSTEAD of "ooh burn" when someone is dissed. is the cool way to say it; "burn" is so over done. can also be replaced with rabies.
Girl 1: You're such a bitch!
Girl 2: That's like trying to get a mail-in rebate for something you didn't buy! Thar she blows!!!
Crowd: Oooooh. YAHTZEE!
by Alyssa March 05, 2005
Another word for Kuiha.
I want to hump teh Mainge. ;(
by Alyssa December 23, 2004
n. v. adj. used just as the word fuck
what the carpa are you doing?
where the carpa did u find that?
by alyssa September 08, 2003
Engaging in tomfoolery when you're a douchebag
Julie stop engaging in such t-baggery when you play Mario.

The gopher is so t-baggery when he wears those sunglasses.
by Alyssa April 24, 2008
Dumb Ass who runs through out the Westland night life with camera. Occasionally hopping fences. Usually with Ninja Fukushimi.
Your mom is Ninja Sheriff Treemi.
by Alyssa December 05, 2004

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