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An expression os happiness or joy. w00t and booyah combined.
I passed eight grade. w00t-yah!
by alyssa December 01, 2003
adj; someone who acts or is a princess; looks like a princess
The beautiful maiden with long silky hair looked like a lacorte
by alyssa November 06, 2003
a vehicle in space that carries no people but carries things to use on the planets
like a carama should be on a space probe
by Alyssa April 12, 2005
Name in french meaning way to sexy for words!
Petrise has a huge dunk.in the trunk
by alyssa January 23, 2005
The Yes version of never. Slang for always basically.
I will yever love you!
by alyssa December 19, 2004
its like "wow!" and expression for showing happiness!
<i>Thats so totally shraa!</i>
by Alyssa March 31, 2005
(Noun)A machine of laughter that is usually found from detection of uncontrollable high pitched squeals of joy.
The other day I heard Inci walking by my classroom.
by Alyssa December 05, 2004
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