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the mix of gangsta hood-type and emo; one who stays up trying to play one, year six months on the guitar;lover of degrassi and full house; one who can act gangster if she wants to; has a cool friend named alyssa; one who goes on myspace and can be awesome like a possum at the same time.
There is no example fool.
by Alyssa April 24, 2005
The title of the infamous annoying song from the movie "Finding Nemo." You repeat it over and over until you piss everyone off.
"Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming! What do you do? We swim, swim. Ho ho ho ho! I love to swim! When you want to swim..."
by Alyssa January 23, 2004
Describing an undeniable, bisexual, sehxy beast. Also, see Mainge.
Another nickname for this is Kui.
You're so Kui, I want yo bod. ):
by Alyssa December 23, 2004
any person with or having a big, huge, ENORMOUS nose.
Daniel Judd;Chris Rule(may have spelt that name wrong!)
by Alyssa March 06, 2004
An Italian playwright who won the Nobel Prize in 1934, most famous for his minimalist work "Six Characters in Search of an Author". He married a woman whose name was Mrs. Pirandello. And she was young.

Also: an acceptable Quiz Bowl answer for virtually any question about plays where the answer is not known.

"Luigi Pirandello" may also be used as extended slang to refer to any Quiz Bowl question in which one does not know the answer, but guesses an answer based solely on the fact that certain obscure people/things pop up with great frequency in QuizBowl.
"This Italian playwright..."
by Alyssa October 06, 2004
Meaning the same as "I called it" or "I dibs (somthing)".
Boltz Shotgun!
by Alyssa March 12, 2004
Pejorative used as a retort against people who mock your intelligence by sarcastically calling you Einstein.

May also be used as a general term for someone being an idiot, along with asshat and fucktard
"Good job, Einstein"
"Shut up, you're a buttstein"
by alyssa April 04, 2005

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