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something that is sooo disgustingly repulsive it makes you want to VOMit
the food in the dining hall tonight is vom!
by Alyssa January 18, 2005
a super expensive internet system. it cheats you to saying that its great when you can get Netzero for $10 instead of AOL's $35.
Netzero $9.95, AOL $29.99 a month...
by alyssa December 12, 2003
a member of the coooolest mother fucking family on the planet
alyssa, ur a radmand!
by alyssa November 26, 2003
When you are writing a huge important paper that is supposed to be 15-20 pages, and somewhere around the tenth page, you start feeling like a) you are never going to finish this goddamn paper, b)everything you have written so far is total crap and makes no sense. Generally results in a paper-writing break that may include curling up in a ball and sobbing. Occurs with higher frequency at the end of the semester. Only known cure is actually getting off your ass and working. Ten page syndrome may persist until you are a page or two away from your minimum, when it will be replaced by elation and a second wind of energy.
I can't tell if my paper about postmodernism and the clam trade in Cucamonga is really a worthless piece of shit, or if I just have ten page syndrome.
by alyssa August 03, 2005
to wear clothes not considered nice clothes, or sweats. usually reffering to a female.
"whoa have you seen michelle today? shes really bummin it"
by alyssa November 25, 2003
hi, hey, ahoy, howdy, oi, what's up
YoHa Clarissa!
by alyssa November 23, 2003
alcoholic beverage which includes Vodka, Champagne and Pineapple Juice that was popularized by an episode in the HBO series "Sex and the City"
I can't wait for flirtini friday!
#flirtiny #flurtini #mixed drinks #martini #sex and the city
by Alyssa June 14, 2006
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