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Means bedroom. So when 50 Cent sings, "I'll take you to the candyshop" it means I'll take you to my bedroom.
Lets go to my candyshop.
by Alyssa February 13, 2005
someone who does not understand what your saying or who is acting out of control
"God, stop being such a facehead."
by alyssa January 01, 2004
a bad friend; a backstabber; something bad or horrible
I had a very dodgy day because I got a bad grade.
by alyssa June 06, 2003
a nickname for girlioz named Shaileen!!
"hey Shai!"

"Look at Shai, she's chuckin it over there!"
by Alyssa January 21, 2005
the wedgie received when wearing a g-string or thong
Dude Litta, today whenever i was wearing my g-string i got a major "murf!!"
by Alyssa October 08, 2003
A Neopet in the virtual world of Neopia at Neopets.com. It is similar to a four eared cat.
I love my pet Aisha!
by Alyssa September 01, 2003
An expression to indicate that you will do something, such as "Here I go!" or "Jeronimo!"
You made me mad! *jumps* SHOOBEE!!!
by Alyssa January 23, 2004
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