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a much less vulgar, more acceptable alternate word for the female genital area.
Elex: Allie, are you a virgin?
Allie: No, why do you ask?
Elex: Cuz your foof is major tight.
by Alysha May 18, 2003
Female or Male who is considered extremely attractive.
That chick is a complete moogy
by alysha January 03, 2004
Fucking Ugly HaG.saying it really fast and letting the sounds blend together. usually said by elongating the f sound to avoid being confused with "fag".
"That baglady is a ffffffahg"
by alysha June 18, 2006
a girl who acts like a hoe
that girl's the biggest bummie ever
by Alysha October 15, 2004
A can of alysha and leah. Short for jautnita.
I want to have sex with the vaters today. That Vater kicks ass.
by Alysha November 19, 2003
wee man is the best i love him so much!!!!
by alysha August 31, 2003
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