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to own someone good like kicking ass but drop dicking them
ad thought he was so good at gaming but alx drop dicked him good
by alx potham January 28, 2008
a phrase often encouraging rage in a person to cause mass triumph over multiple hostiles
a group of chavs decide to pick on a couple normal guys, little do the chavs know that one of the guys is world boxing champ and has a can of whoop ass in his hand.
the other guy then says to his mate lets rag em, bag em 'n' tag em.
by alx potham April 21, 2008
another word for bulls**t.
college sucked yesterday we had to do some work that was a waste of time, it was NO MAYO all the way.
by Alx potham March 26, 2008
an infection that fat people get when they dont wash under there flabs, it grows on damp dark places.


when someone is sweaty and fat they are like a bag of yeast for a bakery
hannah is so sweaty that her yeast infection could make bread for a third world countrie for a year.
by alx potham January 29, 2008

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