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1 definition by always TF

A social drifter is generally someone who travels between different social groups from year to year, never growing attatched to one person or group of people. Every person has their own reason for being a social drifter; some do it because they like to avoid problems, others because they have attatchment issues.

Social drifters never seem to have the same friends for more than a year, nor do they stay within a stereotype for very long either. These people are often confused for a bottom feeder or social climber, but for the most part are nothing close to those. They simply drift in and out of people's lives so that for at least a while they can find friends, however temporary they might be.
Every year I see that kid with a different group of friends. He must be a social drifter, always changing his surroundings.
by always TF February 14, 2008
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