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The act of sitting on one's heel in an effort to prevent shitting one's pants. Heeling refers to the allowance of gas to pass through while keeping the contents of one's colon from being expelled until such a time that a bathroom can be found. Heeling can be paired with the pretense of tying one's shoes to keep passersby from suspecting something is wrong.
Tom felt the onset of bubble guts and immediately knelt to the ground to heel, so the goosebumps could pass and allow for safe passage to the restroom without accident.

John was heeling in his cubicle waiting for the opportune time to run to the restroom for some much needed relief.
by alupinthat April 25, 2010
1.a person, while during any time in their day, sends only one text to someone inquiring "what's up" or "what are you up to tonight", after which, the recipient responds only to hear from that person days later when the cycle repeats.
"Timmy is a notorious one-text wonder."
by alupinthat April 03, 2010

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