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Arrow to the knee is kind of a joke that originated from a video game called Skyrim. The line from the game is "I used to be an adventurer like you...then I took an arrow to the knee". Many people like to use the phase "...arrow to the knee" at the end of a sentence to compare themselves to what the person can do, or what they are doing.
Man 1 I used to write like you... until I took an arrow to the knee.
Man 2 What?
Man 1 An arrow to the knee.
Man 2 Sorry to hear that.
by Alter Ego October 04, 2012
Someone who is named Colin usually has beautiful blue eyes, a gorgeous shade of brown/blonde hair, and is very tall and slim. He has a little bit of musical talent, and is very popular with the ladies. Every girl is in love with him because of his blue eyes and his mysterious personality. He is usually quiet, but talks a lot with his friends. When you get to know him, he isn't as shy. He also keeps to himself unless he knows you. He is also an excellent dresser, and is SUPER classy. He knows how to present himself. You will never forget him once you see him because he is so interesting. He's usually older than you and knows how to steal your heart. Bottom line is..... once you see him, you'll fall in love. Then all you want to do is try to get to know him.
Friend 1: Did you see that guy named Colin the other day?
Friend 2: Yes! He is so gorgeous and classy!
Friend 1: I need to get to know him.
Friend 2: Me too!
by Alter Ego April 19, 2013
Pricks pricks pricks. A duo of two rednecks tryin to rap, (notice the tryin) and wanting soooo much to be black yet they're white like me so they cover up their ugly faces with paint. They also used to wrestlers (cue gay joke). I can honmestly say they are the worst music I've ever heard that is sold as rap. ICP are gya, fucked up retards who should stick in metal where they belong and stay the fuck away from hip-hop. These pricks alos shot to pDJ Tim westwood. Oooh the big bad clowns have found daddy's gun...naughty clown!
Yours sincerley,
chief anti-fake
icp are actual faggots who should die sooner rather than later.
by alter ego March 15, 2005
O and just in case you were wondering ukjmn has NO MEANING. The name is simply letters close to each other on the keyboard compilied into a "name". It has been given an acronymn although after the name itself was created. U.nder K.over J.uice M.aN. Even that has no particular meaning, except the fact that ukjmn loves orange juice, but even that was NOT the reason for the odd acronymn. For this reaon ukjmn may also be known as any of the following: juice, juice man, uk, steve (as this is his real name), or some butchered atempt at spelling it (e.g.: uijknm)
Hey juice! Can you teach me that killer glitch?
by ALTER EGO October 21, 2004
This is one of the best glitchers out there. Although he may lurk in the shadows of glitching, not very well known, the skills he has are mad. If you see this character report it right away. He is at large and wanted for his crazy outburst. If you have a week heart and are a horrible glitcher stay away for ye shalt get thy rectum flogged. BE VERY CAREFUL.
HOLY CRAP! I just felt a terrible disturbance in the glitching balance of the n00b and l33t player force. It MUST have been the fabled ukjmn moving swiftly by! FEAR FOR YOUR LIVES!
by ALTER EGO October 17, 2004
Hey everyone, Chris just fucked a four-bagger!!! What a desperate piece of shit.
You and your ilk make me want to vomit.
by Alter ego April 08, 2003
Ridiculousness is show hosted by Rob Dyrdek on MTV. It is basically a video show about falls and accidents people have had. There is a lot of making fun, but the videos are extremely funny. The permanent host(s) is Rob Dyrdek, Chanel West Coast, and Sterling. There are also celebrities that are guests.
Bobby Did you watch Ridiculousness last night?
Andrew No, but I heard someone fell off their bike and fell on a rail!
Bobby Yeah, it was hilarious!
by Alter Ego September 28, 2012

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