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To agree to give something to another person and then take it back shortly after in order to completely screw that person over.
He told me he would lend me his car for the night so I could finally take that chick with the big tits out and thirty minutes later he decided to Lenobrien it back from me and take her out himself.
by alt99 January 22, 2010
A person who was born in November as the result of their parents having had a romantic Valentine's Day.
My birthday is in November. I'm a Valentine's Daby.
by alt99 January 20, 2010
An issue that arises on a date that ruins the romantic mood and terminates the possibility that the guy will be receiving a blowjob that evening.
We were heading back to my place from the restaurant and I jokingly said something negative about feminism that lead to an argument and ended up being a total kneel breaker.
by alt99 January 21, 2010

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