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2 definitions by alstarryn

A synonym for writer's block, only more extreme. Where one cannot think properly due to many things: insomnia, nightmares, under-disgested hummus, brain farting and many more serious reasons such as amnesia.
Person 1: What's 2+2?
Person 2: Uhh...34?
Person 1: ...what?
Person 2: Sorry, I'm suffering from mental constipation
by alstarryn January 05, 2009
A point in writing where the writer runs head first into a brick wall in their writing process. Which may result in a writer bashing their head repeatedly into their keyboard/laptop/notebook/etc. until words or blood is freely flowing. Also might be because the characters are fed up with all the crap the author puts them through and go on strike.
Nurse: What caused those contusions on your forehead?
Author: *gingerly touching wounds on forehead* I have writer's block.
by alstarryn January 05, 2009