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1 . A compliment to finding a woman very attractive, or a food very tasty. 2. To taste as good as an object/female looks, or looks as good as a female/object tastes. 3. Not to be used when wearing beer goggles, or smoking weed as the senses are dulled and the word is usually ascribed to something that usually tastes like ass, or looks like it.
That hot blonde is Beautilicious! The cheerleaders in the NFL are Beautilicious!
by alphabetazed October 05, 2009
1. (Noun) A lower division soccer team in the Vardaska area, with fans of low social standing. 2. (Noun) An unrespected individual usually considered to be a village idiot. 3. (Verb) The act of speaking to those around you and having few of them understand the drivel that falls out of your mouth. To repeat nonsense to the point where most around the speaker believe there are serious limitations to the IQ and abilities of the speaker.
1. Team Borec lost another game. 2. (When speaking of G.W. Bush) Borec became President of the United States. 3. Don't Borec, just get to the point and stop making stupid sounds, baboon!
by alphabetazed September 30, 2009

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