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A lofty band from Helmsly in the UK. The band consists of George Craig-Vocals/guitar, Mark Hayton-Guitar, Dan Parkin (aka Pob)-bass, Jack Sails-keyboard, and James Craig (brother of George)-drums. Former members include Kai Smith and Sam Ford(aka Gunner). They do weekly web episodes on YouTube called ONOWednesdays. The band is often abbreviated to ONO
Girl 1:did you see that band One Night Only last night
Girl 2: Yeah it was real lofty
by aloch April 20, 2011
The most vibing member of the band One Night Only. He plays guitar and has great hair. He also plays Words With Friends, which he is really good at.
Girl 1:Hey did you see that Mark Hayton from ONO
Girl 2: Yeah he tups!
by aloch April 20, 2011

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