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2 definitions by allyse

when one falls backward as such: firstly, one must be FAT. secondly, there must be a rock behind one. Now, see, a person pushes another (the fat one) and they fall back. Not like a stumble, but a stiff complete straight fall. When you hit the ground your lege fly up at the speed of light and then they fall back. This is one motion. At the same time your arms are falling. This is known as the fat girl tumble. Degrassi was the inspiration for this. Look for Terri falling, shes the fat one.
Hey, Tbagg totally fat girl tumbled,now she is paralyzed.
by allyse September 17, 2005
Duroc can be best described as an individual is wonderfully kick ass. This person often tries to help people with their problems and attempts at bettering peoples lives. Although sometimes fails, its never because he didn't care. A smart fellow, one you would like to have on your side.
Guy one: "Hey, did you see anthony helping that old woman across the street?"

Guy two: "Yeah, he is such a Duroc."

Guy one: "Aww, I know, hes so sweet."
by allyse September 17, 2005