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The hole in which a leslie lives. The house a drunk womaniser will brag about to get a fat mess into bed.

Alternatively the house in which a great deal of sexual debauchery takes place.
The name comes from the shamed childrens tv presenter "john leslie" (see leslie)
it is a play on words with bat cave
Friends mock- "quickly, To the leslie cave" (in the style of batman or robin)

Oh man he took her back to the leslie cave at half nine and hes back in the club sleezing by 11. what an animal. total leslie!
by ally anderson May 31, 2008
The car you brag about having to get a woman into bed.
You will drunkenly lie about how cool it is and how fast it is in a feeble attempt to get the fat mess your chatting to back to your house (see leslie cave)
The term comes about from the shamed childrens tv presenter "john leslie" who was a womaising animal.
Quickly, to the leslie mobile (said in the style of batman or robin)

Billy was talking absolute rubbish to that bird he promised her a ride in the leslie mobile! lol
by ally anderson May 31, 2008
The rediclous claim of a desperate womaniser impatient for intercourse (see leslie).
The male may be so drunk or desperate he will lie to an unbelievable level to claim his prize.
(See leslie mobile, leslie copter and leslie cave)
Hindenleslie is a play on the original airship, the hindenburg. A marvel of the modern world only it failed on its maiden voyage and ended up crashing and burning.
It also mirrors a familyguy episode where peter rushes to the Hindenpeter.
Friends mock- "quickly, to the Hindenleslie!" (style of batman and robin)

He was that far gone he said he would take her to his private island he bought on the coast of Dubi, he even said hed fly there in the hindenleslie!
by ally anderson May 31, 2008
The fictional item that a drunk womaniser (see Leslie) will brag about. something that is usually a bit far fetched. He may promise a day out in the speed boat he doesnt own, or to go riding on the horses he doesnt have. This is all in the interest to bed the fat mess he is trying to impress.
The term derives from the shamed childrens tv presenter "john leslie" who was a mass womaniser and said anything to bed his chosen ladies.
Friends mock "quickly, the the leslie copter! (in the style of batman or robin)

Man, billy is wasted. He's off promising the world to that bird. He's so desperate hes telling her about the "leslie copter"
by ally anderson May 31, 2008
The term "leslie" or "leslie'd" is applied to a man (usually a friend) who drunkenly prays on and harrasses the young females on night clubs dance floors- It derived from the notable antics of "John Leslie" (Famous childrens tv star). Who by day seems a nice chap but after a few too many develops a trail of carnage and sleeze. Usual symptoms of being a "leslie" include extreme drunkeness and perfuse sweating and constant mid arousal. Other lesser symptoms include incoherent speach, sneaking away from mates, not listening to males or reason and failure to maintain eye contact. A "leslie" will typically try to lure the innocent back to the "leslie cave" He may claim to have a "leslie copter", "leslie mobile" or in extreme cases a "Hindinleslie" for the sole purpose of attracting 1 or 2 fat females back to his "leslie cave"
Jesus, look at billy grinding against that bird. He looks like a right Leslie!

What happened to you last night? You totally blanked us in the club. you were pestering every girl on the dancefloor. You ended up sneaking away with some fat mess! your such a leslie!

by ally anderson May 31, 2008

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