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when people in a virtual chat room or Second Life, use gestures needlessly and repeatedly, oftens times for comic effect.

often hosts and dj's in chat rooms are accused of using "canned spam"
eep! you cought me gesturebating.

we were just gesturbating i'll be right over

thanks stones for the new word, gesturbating.
by allley July 31, 2010
slothmate - A roomate who is totally lazy and does not pull their fair share of the house work. sometimes also known for not taking baths for extended periods of time.
He is such a slothmate, he could at least take a bath.

Quit being such a slothmate and do your dishes.

Doesn't your slothmate ever do anything like, clean?
by allley April 17, 2010
A person who sniffs super glue out of a paper bag, to get high, usually ending in death and severe brain damage, or worse.
WTF Bro, When in the hell did you become a Gluetard bro! Don't you know how dangerous that shit is? You are a complete moron!


His obituary was nice shame he was such a dumb gluetard, i feel bad for his family. yeah i heard his mom found him dead in his bedroom with the paper bag still in his hands.
by allley October 02, 2012
An entire class of people who insist on reading over your shoulder while you are working or stares at your computer screen.

It can be even more irritating then someone who reads the newspaper over your shoulder. often makign you so uncomfortable to the point where you are unable get any work done.

This class of person will often read over your shoulder trying to not be to obvious and then 30 seconds after you close your browser window or make eye contact with them will immediately look away and deny they are reading over your shoulder or have the nerve to comment on what you were doing.
"Dude! you are such a total screen perv, if i wanted to show you what was on my screen I would call you over. it's called the personal computer for a reason mind your own screen."

"umm sir, i can not work with you screen perv all over me."
by allley June 12, 2012
Verb - an excessive fee applied to your bank or credit card for using them.
Example i was at kwik fill and bought ten dollars in gas, i was then subjected to really abusive Card Thumping to the tune of 75.00 (card usage fee) + 10.00 in gas and another two charged of 32.00 each from the bank for being overcharged two over draft fees, thus letting me and my family go hungry for the next two weeks until the 75.00 gets placed back into my account which can take upwards of 5-7 days.
by allley June 21, 2012
An imaginary device people use to ignore the obvious blunders of political officials.
did you hear what palin did today?

nope. i've got my palin shield up i've given up on following goverment affairs.
by allley January 12, 2011
feeling of fear of something terribles is about to occur.
fear or anxiety brought on by real events.
alley's was having a funfull time while she was driving but for jojo the ride was very scaretastic.
by allley November 08, 2010

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