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the act of physically pleasuring one's genitals with the desired result of achieving climax, a physical and mental state of pleasure and euphoria which is usually accompanied, though not by necessity, by an ejaculation and/or satisfaction or by a diminishing of desire for further immediate sexual conduct, this feeling and/or the act of ejaculation are usually universally refrenced as cumming (to cum) or ograsming (to orgasm, to have an orgasm).
I enjoyed a sesh of masturbation for three hours yesterday, but because I didnt cum I climaxed five times!
by allaboutthemountains November 17, 2009
1-ANY activity persisting over time horizons, small or large.

2-An abbreviation for the word session.

3-May also refer to emotional, physical, or mental states.

4- Any experience which is definable in time horizons, usually marked by beginning and end, often used as a subtle comment on the impermanence of these expriences.
"Good hack sesh."
"That whole angry sesh ruined my good vibes!"

"Good backpacking sesh."
"good tripping sesh"
Possbile dying words "good life sesh"
by allaboutthemountains November 17, 2009

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