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The Alaskan Senator who invented the internet by creating a series of tubes. and just recently these tubes were being clogged by movies streaming across the series of tubes. He belives people are treating it like a big truck
Guy 1: Ted Stevens is out trying to protect the tubes again
Guy 2: oh shi- i thought it was a truck
by All-American-Badass October 17, 2008
A slag word for myspace created to explain how crappy myspace runs all the time becuase myspace tom is a communist
what the hell crapspace has been lagging for the past 10 minutes all i wanted to do was post a bulletin
by All-American-Badass July 03, 2008
the awesome game that is based off bop it except in yo-yo form. its commands are bop it zing it(make the yo-yo go down and back) and loop it(loop the yo-yo)
Jack: dude this zing it kicks ass.
Greg: cool they did bop it in yo-yo form
by All-American-Badass July 03, 2008
People who decide to pay unjust fines (eg parking tickets) entirely with pennies to legally piss off whoever they are paying the fine to.
Guy 1: what the hell they ticketed me $50 to park my car by my house? this is bullshit.
Guy 2: You should be one of those penny payers.
Guy 1: Yeah that'll teach them.
by All-American-Badass August 18, 2009
The Bushism term for modernize, to take something old and to change it so it looks and or sounds like it is from the present (eg. a rewrite of an old novel)
Rick: What the hell am i suppose to do with this old novel again?
Teacher: you're suppose to modernficate it
Rick: ok i'll try to make it look modernified
by All-American-Badass April 06, 2009
the process of having someone doing the googling for you or forcing someone to google via monetary bribe or holding them hostage
Henry: hey dude you should check out this u-google
Mike: Really
Henry: yeah U-google this for me
Mike: uhhh ok
by All-American-Badass April 05, 2009
When two semi trucks are taking up both lanes on a freeway and both are going at least five miles under the speed limit but one is going slightly faster than the other.
Passenger: Dude the speed limit is 70 why are you only going 60.
Driver: Those two semi's are in a snail race, i can't get by them.
by All-American-Badass April 24, 2010

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