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The Hot Boys were an American hip hop group active from 1997 to 2001. The group consisted of the most popular rappers in the New Orleans based record label, Cash Money Records; Juvenile (Real name Terius Gray), Lil Wayne (Real name Dwayne Carter), B.G. (Real name Christopher Dorsey) & Turk (Real name Tab Virgil).

From 1997 to 2001, the Hot Boys were collectively the most artists on Cash Money Records. In 2001 Juvenile, B.G. & Turk left Cash Money, with Lil' Wayne currently the only member of the group remaining on the label. It was recently announced by former Hot Boy Lil Wayne that the group is getting back together in 2008 to drop another album. "Expect this album to be a classic", said Turk. Lil Wayne also stated that Turk was his main man.

Get it how you live or you can live how you get it- Hot boys

I'm a hot boy fa'sho
Nigga a living legend
I straight creep if I get beef with ya
They got t-shirt waiting on yo fucking picture
Yo head leak like water drippin from a faucet -B.G.
by all day dre October 23, 2007
The result of drinking syrup or "lean", a form of liquid codeine known as Promethazine which makes the user feel a slower perception of time/reality. Can also be applied to smoking marijuana.
No fast talk, I be on that syrup, I'm on that turtle time- lil wayne
by all day dre October 21, 2007
Larry Davis (born May 28, 1966) (changed name to Adam Abdul Hakeem 1989) is a controversial figure whose shooting of six NYPD officers on November 19, 1986 during a raid on his sister's Bronx apartment created a heated debate in New York about police behavior and accusations of racism. Davis was wanted on charges of killing four drug dealers when the botched raid took place. He states the NYPD came after him based on his decision to get out of the drug business, which the police department initiated. Davis eluded capture for the next 17 days despite a massive manhunt. Once the search was narrowed to a single building, he took three hostages but surrendered when the presence of reporters assured him he would not be harmed. Davis received aid and shelter from the Bronx community where he lived, attaining folk hero status among many.
-Thank the lord for my blessings, im glad he gave us, the willpower and reflexes of Larry Davis- Lloyd Banks, "Work Magic"

-Im bout to go Larry Davis on yall
by all day dre October 27, 2007
cocaine, lleyo, flav, Big C, coconut, beams, rails. the spanish equivalent to cocaine
yo i just copped a bird of that cociana

playin flagrant, i can get you some cociana, if you aint an agent depending on your relations - Jadakiss
by all day dre October 21, 2007

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