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literaly: Bulgarians-heroes.

This is a chanting that can be heard on every stadium, on every football match where the national team of Bulgaria plays.

Not so often it is used on rallies and protests. (especially anti-government ones, which are kinda traditional for Bulgaria).
The Bulgarian team is losing from Italy, the score is 1:2, but the fans are still supporting the team, just listen to them:


And now there is attach on the right, good raid, a pass, Milanov, GOOOOOOOOOAAALLLL!!!!
by alknet September 11, 2013
In Bulgarian: чекиджия: A guy who likes to masturbate, a wanker.
Чекиджия долен! - Chekidjia dolen - You filthy wanker!
by alknet September 11, 2013
jah-ah-koo - Means Jah is Cool.
Also this is part of the lyrics of Skindred's song 'Ninja':

''The way dem ah gwan is like dem work for SATAN!


e.g.: Those suckers like Satan, they're lame, cause Jah is much stronger!
by alknet September 11, 2013

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