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He whose loins you came from
I am so glad that the milkman is my daddy and not that ____ Terence who I have thought it was for the last 25 years
by alkie chris February 26, 2004
A pikier version of its bra-a-n cousin, whitecider contains no apples whatsoever ( only gut - rotting chemical nastiness) and is particularly favoured by the jakeys who assemble daily on turbo island
Oi,Tel,Giz us 59p for a can of whites
by alkie chris November 25, 2003
One whose ugliness is ,they hope, in inverse proportion to their personality. If only they knew...
Keep that minger away from me!!
by alkie chris November 25, 2003
It's,like,when you go clubbing and there's a party afterwards somewhere else
'Scuse us,mate,do you know where the afterparty is
by alkie chris February 02, 2004
Akin to a pie but somewhat more sweet than savory
My name is Currant Bun has anyone seen my girlfriend Jam Tart?
by alkie chris November 26, 2003
A woman of loose morals who will often start families with the sole intent of procuring accomodation for herself and her delightful halflings
Good Lord Molly - that scrubber has had 6 additional children since I last clapped eyes on her - the dirty little stopout
by alkie chris November 25, 2003
a bollocks play with singing in it
this musicals really starting to do my head in
by alkie chris November 26, 2003
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