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When you try and eat something and your lips get permanent stretch marks.
Who you foolin'? You gots stretched lips from suckin' on the cucumber fool.
by alkdjnne August 20, 2008
The Ultimate Rolex Forum
Yo man don't dis on my turf that is TURF cause I'll turf yo ass.
by alkdjnne January 06, 2006
New Fucking Guy Came in to use during the Vietnam War. Cherries would come in-country and the old timers would not want to associate them with the NFGs. If you did associate yourself with the NFG he was likely to get his shit blown off.
Who's the NFG in Able Company.
by alkdjnne December 04, 2005
"Time in Chair" or "T.I.C." means seniority and real-life knowledge a person has most typically at a job.
Even though Bob is my manager and he's got a MBA from Harvard I have more Time in Chair and thus make more money than he does and I also have real experience that he doesn't.
by alkdjnne May 01, 2016
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