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7 definitions by alistair

Verb: To take unfairly, to rob.
Alternate Spellings: Gyp, Gip, Jyp.
Shortening of the word Gypsie, as Gypsies were believed to be thieves.
I got jipped.
What a jip.
by Alistair January 20, 2003
467 144
person as useless as a floppy dick
you're burning my dinner ya fuckin' walloper
by alistair January 12, 2004
99 24
Cheese that doesn't belong to you.
Hey! That's Natcho cheese!
by Alistair December 22, 2003
65 13
A fish that is spasticated
A person who acts spasticated
by Alistair July 22, 2003
5 1
To prank call someones phone
Phone(3AM): "ring ring ring ring"
Steve: "ehhh......hello...zzzzz"
Me: "ahahahahhahamwahahahahhahmwhahahahaha I phranked you asshole"
Steve: "eh? zzzzzzzzzzzzzz"
by Alistair August 13, 2004
6 12
Someone who likes ass holes
A gay man
by Alistair July 20, 2003
3 9
The end something. The phrase usually suggests decline or deterioation, the worn-out remains.
The fag end of the year was cold and damp.
by Alistair September 17, 2004
10 28