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People who believe in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints; also (less accurately) known as the Mormon religion. Being Christian, (for they believe in and accept Christ as their Savior, and also strive to live a Christ-centered and Christ-like life), they also believe that Jesus Christ is what the Bible says He is: the son of God the Father. They do not believe in the Trinity, but rather the Godhead: that God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are physically seperate but one in purpose. Many Mormons live in Utah, but the religion is practiced throughout the world. They believe in the Bible and also the Book of Mormon. They believe that the church of Jesus Christ (the same church/religion that Christ established when He came to this world) was restored to its fullness by Joseph Smith through the power of God for the preparation of the Second Coming of Christ.
Mormons are people too, yo.
by Alisa February 21, 2005
A supermodel, who is nearly perfect. looks gorgeous from every angle possible, has a perfect body, has perfect facial features. Adriana Lima's beauty is undescribable. No, theres no collagen in her lips, she is au naturel. Shes brazilian, and models for companies like Victoria's Secret, Guess, & Armani.
Contrary to the popular belief of blondes being "oh so gorgeous", adriana lima is the most gorgeous person to ever walk the planet, and her hair is dark brown.
WOW Adriana Lima's beauty is undescribably stunning
by Alisa June 26, 2005
Means "Joy" in Hebrew. Female name.
We named our child Alisa because she brought us joy.
by Alisa April 30, 2004
A semi-expensive west coast version of A&F store where people of all backgrounds go shopping. and they DO hire people of different backgrounds. im not a prep and dont act like one, but i shop there because i adore the clothes. its pure opinion, you dont have to to be a dumb blonde to shop there.
I got ripped jeans a cute cami at Hollister.
by Alisa April 04, 2005

rolled up tobacco
Wanna go smoke a bogie...mike f?
by alisa March 08, 2005
Alternative-folk-rock band that originated in 1992. Known for there powerful lyrics Consists of Jakob Dylan see Bob Dylan, Rami Jaffee, and Greg Richling. Known for the song One Headlight
also known as the Wallys, wallflowers or WF
Alisa-I so want to go see the wallflowers at the Warfield
by Alisa December 15, 2003
The best place for girls to go!!
OMG all the girls on myjellybean are awsome! I love all you jellybeaners!! :-D
by Alisa August 01, 2004

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