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this is from personal expoirence

when a boy or girl moves his or her tounge around the outside of your pussy while rubbing your tits ..then slowly moves inside ..first just moving it around ..then starts licking your clit ..then starts sucking on your clit ..as you moan and try to pull away ..they hold your legs and insert their tounge into the pussy hole and move it in and out very quickly ..and you moan ..and then they just move the tounge around your pussy ..personal pleasure of the girl being eaten out ..and also for the guy or girl doing the eating
random example::

samantha slept over my house ..and she said that she should eat out my sweet wet pussy ..cause it feels really good ..so she did and she was right
by alifgdgdf February 07, 2006
when a guy or girl shoves his or her finger(s) into a girls pussy hole until she cums everywhere ..very enjoyable on the girls half ..and also on the person fingering ..
when my boyfriend fingered me he used 3 fingers and i moaned so loud and then i cummed everywhere
by alifgdgdf February 07, 2006

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