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a port-o-potty; port-o-let; port-o-john; portable toilet. named so because port-o-poddees are found predominantly in construction areas where Mexicans are known to frequent and work and their resemblance to a ramshackle space shuttle.
No bathrooms on this construction site, just Mexican space shuttles.

Jose was in the Mexican space shuttle for an hour, I wouldn't go in there.

That Mexican space shuttle is dirty.
by alicia s March 15, 2008
backbacon is the fat that hangs over a woman's bra straps in the back. this is usually apparent for several reasons:

1)her bra and/or shirt is too tight/small
2)she is overweight
3) a combination of all of the above.

fat girls are notorious for back bacon either because they have outgrown their bras or are in denial that they have such bacon...a larger shirt should cover up the incidental back bacon that can occur even on a thinner woman when a bra is pinching.
back bacon has an unmistakable look...while walking behind a woman, you can see the outline of her bra and the resulting fat spilling over the top of the bra in the back, resembling rolly/rippling lumps that resemble bacon or a pack of franks. x2 if the bacon bounces when she walks, sorta like a muffin top but with the bra vs. the pants
this broad at BJ's was so fat that her back bacon jiggled when she laughed!

her back bacon is making me sick...that shirt is way too small and so is that bra.

did you see the back bacon on that fat girl in front of us in line? looks like a pack of oscar mayers.
by alicia s April 15, 2008

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