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2 definitions by alicesfriend1234

A Pinterest user who criticizes others for pinning items about them while they simultaneously are pinning rude and offensive pins subtly directed at the other person.
That pintecrite just pinned something awful about me right after she bitched at me for my passive-aggressive pins!

She goes to church and talks about how Godly she is, but based on the judgmental pins she puts on Pinterest, I'd say she's a pintecrite.
by alicesfriend1234 February 21, 2013
Animosity exhibited by a bitter ex who refuses to move on with his/her life.
New girlfriend: I wish his ex wife didn't have so much eximosity toward us.

Michael Douglas: Glenn Close boiled my bunny, which is a clear sign of eximosity.
by alicesfriend1234 February 21, 2013