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The act of smacking someone in the face with your dick and balls. Often used as an initiation rite at fraternities.
“How are we gonna mess with the new pledges?”

“I’m gonna give them the old wrecking ball.”

“Dude that’s gay.”

"Well... I'm still gonna do it."
by Alibaster Slim August 03, 2012
Having crazy awesome sex as repayment for being a generous lover in the past.
“Dude my chick threw the craziest sex at me I have ever had.”

“It’s Karma Sutra baby. Do good things and good things happen.”
by Alibaster Slim January 28, 2012
The act of hiting a women in her vagina. The female equivalent of a nut shot.
“I finally got Elaine in accounting back for messing with my chair.”

“Ya, how’d you do that?”

“I hid behind the reception desk, and sushi chopped that bitch so hard she might have had a miscarriage.”
by Alibaster Slim August 05, 2012
A lie told to a partner the morning after underwhelming sex. It can also be accompanied by: that was a lot of fun, you were great, we should do this again, I have to go to work and I’ll call you .
“Wow last night was great, but I have to go to work.”
“Will I see you again?”
“Yeah I’ll call you.”
by Alibaster Slim December 04, 2011
A funny way of saying gay
“Ashton Kutcher’s a metrosexual and he’s cool”

“No he’s gay”
by Alibaster Slim August 06, 2012
The act of walking around with your penis hanging out of your pants
“Dude you know your dicks hanging out”

“Ya, I’m just walking the dog if I don’t tire him out now he’ll be up all night.”
by Alibaster Slim August 05, 2012
The creases around a middle aged women’s mouth that make her resemble a character from planet of the apes
Sigourney Weaver, Sarah Palin, and every Asian woman over fifty have Ape Face.
by Alibaster Slim August 03, 2012

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