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A well to do person that stuffs his face with food that was provided by a third party, creating the efect that they have not eaten food in ages.
Person1: Did you notice Sean was first in line to get food from the kitchen?
Person2:There's food in the kitchen?
Person1: Lol. yeah, but not anymore. He went for seconds..
Person2: He's such a hongra!
by alfinator July 19, 2010
The Phantom Renamer (TPR) is most likely someone you work with. He makes up nicknames for everyone and is a legend at it.
He may also be responsible for changing the name on items you own to the nickname he has kept for you.
This can be in the form of user names, digital files, etc
Person 1: Hey dude The Phantom Renamer strikes again.. look at the shared folder..
Person 2: Lmao! I wonder who TPR is?
Person 1: Legend!

Names on the shared folder:
Hank = Cal
Cal-ifornications (main character Hank Moody)
by alfinator February 17, 2011
Rare disorder defined as - the sudden rush of shit to the brain.
The source of all crappy ideas.
Verbal Diarrhea.
Chris has a serious case of glissips.
by alfinator July 06, 2010
Thafy Mania is a phenomenon that suddenly takes control of you when in the presence of an awesome individual.
People affected by thafy mania are reffered to as maniacs.
Person1 - Man did you go for the xmas party?
Person2 - Yes i did dude! Thafy Mania was running wild!
Person1 - Can you believe there are so many maniacs out there?

Example 2:
(Party starter to crowd) - What you gonna do.. when Thafy Mania runs wild on you?
by alfinator December 28, 2011
The new text buzz word for fitness gurus
Meaning - Laughing my fucking body fat off
Text convo:
Person1 - Hey did you know shadman forgot his bait in the freezer?
Fitness guru - LMFBFO. I guess the only thing he will be catching is a cold
Person1 - Lolski
by Alfinator December 13, 2011

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