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1. Stealing things from a shop without paying
2. A secret underground sport, where people with inhumane strength bet on which shops they can lift
3. A tard playing in a shops lift.
1. wow that guys shoplifting hes gunna get caught
2. JESUS he strong look at him shoplifting tescos
3. What a tard, shoplifting like that. I think this is is 7th time up, he needs a job
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
the home plannet of jews, aparantly it is hidden behind the milkyway
awww look at that jew over there looks like he wants to go home to jewpiter
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
pronounced "brew-dain"
the name given to a dyslexic chav whilst talking on msn
"you hanging low blud?"
"yasp m2 whrrrt byot p"
"wtf dude u brudain"
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
a piece of information that you have pissed off
wow i shouldn't have told that refernce i slept with its mum, its pretty pissed. Never seen such a cross-reference
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
to take a quick look at Ghandi, preferably to do it sneakily
i just had a ghander, dnt think he saw me though
by alf-ace February 22, 2008
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