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Boarding school, a place where the wealthy send their potential trophy wife daughters and CEO worthy sons. A casual luxury that only the northeastern country club members can afford. The boarding school will take these overly preppy children and will give them the finest education. Because of their large sums of money their is a casual influx of illegal drugs and alcohol. These kids are being raised into the upper class of soceity consisting of yahats, coctail parties, summers sailng off the coast of Nantucket and second or third homes in Maine, New Hampshire, and Coneticuit. Always wearing lacoste, ralph lauren, jcrew, and lily pulitzer these children have a classy sense of style. Boarding Schools students from schools like Andover, St Pauls, The Hill school, Exeter, Larenceville, and Choete( only the best in the nation) usually attend the finest ivy leagues. A popped collar, pearls, flipflops(even in winter), and mens rugbys shirts are an essential to a preppy life at boarding school.
Hillary: Omg Jane, I love your new Vera Bradley Bag. Its adorable. When did you get it?

Jane: Oh why thank you, I got it this summer At a little botique in Nantucket. Thats the same week Daddy bought his new yahat. It was so fun, we had this huge coctail party on it, paris hilton was there.

Hillary: Thats sounds cute, your so lucky this summer I only went to Europe and sailing in the Bahamas, i was so mad. I didnt even get the Mercedes i wanted! It was so horrible My parents dont love me.
by alexandria and noelle May 07, 2005
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