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scene kids basically dress like emos except with a little more umpfh.

..black, or blonde, or neoned (most common) examples: hot pink, turquoise, orange... etc.
..CHOPPY! use a ton of hairspray to help show those layers
..bangs usually cover one to one and a half of eyes
..bows are a must have, usually big, but small clipons work too.
..caked on eyeliner, usually in color, blue, purple, pink, black also works
..glitter anywhere on the face or body
..not much concealer, but some
..very bright eyeshadow
..a band tshirt is most common {{youre a scene kid, go to concerts, even if you dont like or know the band.. if you dont like music in general, maybe you should look into being something else}} also any brightly colored animal print shirts for example: a pink leopard print shirt
..very skinny jeans, the skinnier the better in colors grey and dark blue
..some shoes that work: vans slipons, converse high tops (better) and low tops, ballet flats
..get used to saying words like "rad", "stellar", "rawwrrr", "your (or blank is) the sex", "kiiidd", etc.
..use periods (.) as much as you can (ps. look at my name)
..white studded belt (buckle on the side)
..a bandana--uses for tying around the neck, tying in the hair (folded), or one corner tucked in your back pocket
..anything hello kitty, robot or normal
..heart jewelry
.. wristbands (checkered or striped)
..nose rings
..tongue rings

..basically the same thing, except, no color, just black
..yes, you do have to wear makeup. somewhat thick black eyeliner but suitable
..wear black band shirts that are form fitting (you too girls!)
..wear skinny jeans (most guys steal them from their sisters) any color works, except light blue
..vans, and converse
..BLACK studded belt (buckle on the side)
..wristbands (checkered or striped)
..snakebites and lip rings are most common although tongue rings have been spotted

search scene or scene kid(s) on google or photobucket and you'll see
by alexa.rawr February 04, 2008

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