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administration: some guy/girl in charge of a system normally computer.
Im on about the gaming admin:
1: good admin:
fair just and make good comments. kick team killers but if it was under very bad circumstaces will let you off.
Bad admin: kicks everyone that kills him, kicks somone with a just reason or point.basically kicks
oh and makes sure he has admin mod so that if somone kills him he can be invincible or smack them or something gay like that.
also have a habit of when a map is voted in byt 90% of the players will change it because he doesnt like it.
dont insult them though, hell kick and ban you
somemof them are horrible liers aswell claiming they work for valve and will have you arrested for swearing
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH: admin u gey fck learn to pay and quit with the grav screwing

<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH was kicked.
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
team killer.
this is for multiple reasons:
1: they abuse chat so much and are so up their own ass you shoot them at spawn
2: they like to kill people for no reason because theythink they are really hard.
3: you/they want a kill so bad they walk right infront of you while your firing, so you manage to cap them
4: blocking door so you frag them
they fire at you so you fire back unaware they have 2 health
5:they are in shaddowed areas in maps, so you walk around the corner and unload a clip on them wondering why it takes so long for them to die
6: they make you jump in a tense moment and yur finger is so close on the mouse that you accidentally mow them down
In battlefield 1942 they are called tking smacktards
me: fking n00b you tkd me again, learnt to aim do i look like a terrorist to you? im in a damn sas suit!
n00b: soz mate, but you walked into my fire
me: your fire? were @the spawn point!
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
more l337 speak.
means hacker: the most annoyting person in online gaming. rin all of th games and when the aimbot you to death call you "friggin n00b". the most annoying pert about these players is
1: when they are on admin is never on to kick them
2: they are admin and kick you if you call them a hacker.

other versions include |-|^|<0r (l337)
hacker (for the casual person)
|-|^X0r (wtf)
me: nice aimbot m8
hacker: dude jV57 C0z 1 pwned joo!
me: look at your crosshair, hopping about like a kipper
hacker: joo calling me a haxor
me: no why would i do a thing like that
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
Another of the cs game codes, but has now been adopted to other games just for the fun of it.
Meant to be somone that is better than all of the rest (the guy that has 14 more kills than anyone else when you join the server).
Because of the 1^/\/\3r5 that use it it is hardly ever used anymore, ad has become restricted to making fun of people when they arent looking
some guy:1 ^/\/\ 7|-|3 1337 pwner
other guy: i hate you
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
normally applied on battlefield 1942 but has moved on to some other games.
normally a small or abused kid who feels the only way he can be lary is on games where he knws no-one can get him and kno-one knows who he is.
somon who does generally crappy stuff.
can describe a hacker, a spawn raper, campwhore, or a chat abuser.
(allied)tubby pears:(allied)<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH
warining: 2 more team kills and your kicked

you fking smacktard, my spawnpoint! you dont need the points that bad do you! lamer
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
somone who gets lucky at cs. walks into a huge gang of people and manages to kill them, whereas previousely through the game they couldnt even take a guywith a knife on.
not always well recieved though, very annoying when you are doing really really well on a game and somone cal;s you a lucker just because you killed them.
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl:timmy
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl: joent
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl: weedking
<<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH-->PoStAl: booyben

Gla you lucker
me: no luck in it m8, im just good

yes <<GLA>> HoLsTeR_SmAsH is me (and the postal is when i fight hackers.
chubby melon is me on xbox live, think your good enough come and get me
by alex weeden May 19, 2004
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