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the feeling an metroid newbie is supposed to get when playing metroid prime 2.
" (the game is pretty difficult). in fact, its just a smidge away from being too hard--newbies can expect a full-on, metroid-clamped-on-your-balls evisceration--but vets will undoubtedly enjoy the rich, meaty challenge."
by alex r November 16, 2004
Of leaves or flowers; developing or opening from base to apex.
The town enjoyed an acropetal setting.
by Alex R January 23, 2004
berries grown on a plant not too far from the ugly tree, but not quite related. it is said that one who eats them will go crazy, or do crazy things.
holy shit! steve just poured a bottle of squeezy cheese on his head, took a dump on his cat, and masturbated to the view! he must have had a whole bowl of crazyberries for breakfast!
by alex r November 29, 2004
a store in the northridge mall with a freakin funny name. they also sell beanbag chairs.
hey, come check out my love sac, but be careful, i just pulled all the hairs off of it, and it might make you itchy.
by alex r March 14, 2005
Hi mrs.tablert, your son broke a glass. choad means a penis that is wider than it is long, this long
Tyler Mckneal is not a choad.
by alex r January 13, 2003
show buisiness, baby. if you live in los angeles, i guarantee you have a connection.
i know the grandson of the creator of jag, ncis, and quantum leap. im connected, bitch.
by alex r June 01, 2005
Nickname of popular American whistleblowing cop that in the early 1970s exposed the corruption in the force by refusing to take a cut of cash frequently extorted from local criminals. See also serpico and the film Serpico, it has Pacino and it's pretty good.
"Serp, let's face it. Who can trust a cop who don't take money?"
by Alex R April 10, 2004

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