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Possibly the best PC orientated forums on the net. Also has some great news.
I here SP2 is out, better check it out on Neowin.
by Alex Brooks June 14, 2004
Easily the sweetest notebook computer ever made.
What the hell is that dude that is fucking beautiful.
Its my Powerbook
by Alex Brooks September 02, 2004
The term used when you link a word to an article on Wikipedia the online encyclopaedia.
I wikified boner but it was later removed.
by Alex Brooks February 25, 2005
A now rare corruption of standard English used to exclude non-eggy speakers..

Now being used by chav's in the small town of Corby.
Seg ma Deg - Suck My Dick
Neg Cheg - No Chance
by Alex Brooks April 22, 2005
An overwhelming feeling which can often be confused with love for the opposite sex (also same sex, see poof)
He has so much lust for her he jacks of seven times every night
by Alex Brooks September 02, 2004
The day I may never forget
Do you remember September 11th
How could I fucking forget!
by Alex Brooks September 02, 2004
Word from the fairly unknown film School of Rock.
Your anus is on fire!!! shné!
by Alex Brooks March 23, 2005

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