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fonettic speling of English. English as it is spoken in Inglelond/England. English English
Inglisc/Inglish folk sood hev thair own languige seperat from that uzed bi the rest of the weruld Anglous, Anglo-American English
by aldhelm March 03, 2008
Anglous (Anglo-US) - English language using a reformed spelling. Inglisc languigc 'uzing a ryformed speling.
(see Simplified Spelling Society for alternative spellings)see Simplified Speling Society for olteornativ spelings
Anglous is a mor regyuler veorsyon of Inglisc speling for nassyonal and internassyonal 'uce.
by Aldhelm December 12, 2007
Dost sbeke Zeaxysch? Er be comycal, er be. Cassn't casst? Dhy say "thee" byst. Dhy's'novp. <vp> =/w/ = do you speake Sexish. he is odd, he is. you can't, can you? you are. you know
by aldhelm January 14, 2008

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