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The cool thing to do.

Inhalants are chemicals or objects that contain chemicals that produce an odor that can be inhaled.

You use inhalants by putting them up to your nose and breathing in, with your mouth closed. You don't need to "huff" it through a paper sack or anything similar, only losers do that.

You feel intoxicated or high after you use inhalants, but it is extremely fun. You can get higher off of some inhalants than others, but that just depends on what inhalant you're using.

NOTE: Chronic use of inhalants is NOT cool.
By the time a person reaches the 8th grade, 1 in 5 people will use inhalants.

Al got high off of inhalants last night.

You're not cool unless you do inhalants.
by alcohol sucks December 31, 2005

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