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The fear of NFL linebacker Brian Orakpo.
After watching the Redskins game, I have a bad case of Orakpophobia.
by Albatoss November 03, 2011
An athlete, actor, musician or person in general who only does what they do to make money.
Have you seen that actor in the new summer blockbuster? He has no passion or anything. It's obvious he is a money whore.
by albatoss November 29, 2011
Occurring, growing, or settled at widely spaced intervals; not thick or dense.
We wandered around a forest and since the trees were sparse, it was very easy to navigate through it.
by albatoss December 05, 2011
Where the human butt crack is always showing, even when said person is standing up straight.
Did you see Alice the other day? Man she had a bad case of constacrack.
by Albatoss January 28, 2011
A doctor who gives steroids to his patients legally or illegally. A parody of the Futurama character Dr. Zoidberg.
Man 1: Dude, you are looking ripped!

Man 2: Yep, thanks to Dr. Roidberg, I don't even have to work out.
by Albatoss December 15, 2011
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