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Saint Andrew is Scotland's Patron Saint . Andrew was one of Christ's Apostles. Legend states that an Eastern Monk (St Regulus) took Remains of Saint Andrew from Greece in the 4th century and buried them in what is now Known as the Town of St Andrews Fife
Scotland, Greece, Russia and Romania all have St Andrew as their patron saint
by Alba gu Brath June 23, 2006
The Most Marvelous Drink in the world and 'nae mistake'has had to fight off many imposters over the years ie:
Whiskey(Bourbon),canadian whisky,Irish whiskey,japanese whisky, and even welsh whisky!many decent attempts but none have matched the original ,especially the Single Malts of which there are many, enjoyed by true connoiseurs.Each Whisky has its own distinct character reflecting the 'glen' or region it was born. The Term 'Whisky' is an anglisced corruption of the Gaelic word 'uisge' meaning water, or to give it its correct term 'Uisge beatha', 'The water of life!',Blended Whiskies are cheaper than Malts and contain a mix of both grain and malt whiskies. Often Referred to as Scotch by non Scots or ocasionaly by Scots Abroad to be sure they are not served an 'imposter'
Not all Scotsmen Drink Whisky But they should
by Alba Gu Brath February 23, 2006
Gaelic name Beinn Nibheis
Elevation 4409 ft (1344 m)
Scotland's Highest Mountain which towers above Fort William
Ben Nevis Can be deceiving,from ground level it actually does not look as imposing as other mountains in Scotland ,This of course has led many people in to a false sense of security and Determined to conquer it ,off they set ,ill prepared for the extreme weather and dangerous route to the summit.
Ben Nevis has a walkers path to the summit, but care should be taken and get a reliable weather forecast First!
by Alba gu Brath June 23, 2006
The Latin name for Edinburgh
Edina is very rarely heard and a bit posh it was mostly used by writers in the 18th century
by Alba gu Brath July 03, 2006

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