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A virus, that was concentrated to the W1 post code area, that affected the pubic area.Victims of the virus would develop warts, drop 30% in mental capability and eventually become convinced they had metamorphosed into a farm yard animal.

The naming of this tragic disease stems from a promiscuous male of the same name, who was the first person ever identified with these symptoms and thought to be the original carrier through a series of abnormal and mutated inbred genes. When he was let loose from the safe confinements of a mental institution, he "humped" office workers in the W1 area, on day 1 alone he had humped over 12 people. 3 days later, his reign of terror ended, however, the victims are still recovering from such an ordeal.
Hi my name is Sandra and I have Michelle Chin
by alansusanchin March 29, 2011

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