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a more offensive and harsh version of the word wazdog. someone who is a loser and also an idiot.
Grant, at first i thought you were the wazdog, but since you lost at mario kart yet again and your gimp mask is on backwards, it would be safe to assume you are infact a spazdog.
by alan milroy September 10, 2008
a school for gimps. used as an insult. i.e. you go to gimp school.
Something or some one who is crap.
Used mainly when playing mario kart.
your dad is the head master of gimp school.
i heard you were the head boy at gimp school.
that is totaly gimp school.
where did you get your degree, gimp school?
by alan milroy September 10, 2008
a term used for a person who is a loser. often the word 'the' will come befor wazdog. this is slightly more offensive and official.
wazdoging is the act of losing.
someone who loses at mario kart.
can be adapted to the word spazdog. this is a more offensive version of the word.
haha, you totaly came last on wario's goldmine. you are the wazdog!
conaill is a wazdog.
grant, you have been wazdoging it all over the track tonight! did you learn to play mario kart at gimp school!?
by alan milroy September 10, 2008
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