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Incredibly expierenced, mysterious, and skilled driver. Derived from The Hire.
A: "Did you see that police car chase?"
B: "Yeah. The suspect was driving like The Driver."
by Alan Smithee July 09, 2004
Waiting to do something that you know you shouldn't do until you can come up with a reson, regardless of whether or not you base said reason on false facts and illogical reasoning.
A: "Dude, that kid just threw a brick at that guys head!"
B: "George W. Bush sucks."
A: "What?"
B: "I said, why did he throw the brick?"
A: "The kid said it was because the guy's car was green, and therefore he was trying to commit insurance fraud because people would hit him because he blended in with the grass."
B: "But...the guy's car was silver...and we're downtown...where there is little to no grass..."
A: "I know, it's like invading Iraq."
by Alan Smithee July 09, 2004
Kicking a dead body in Spanish.

It means that it's still trying to get a reaction to something, but it will be useless.
Y tu amigo sigue esperando volver con ella?
Si, pero ya ves, sigue pateando al muerto.

And, is your friend still hoping to get back with her?
Yes, but you see, he's kicking the dead body.
by Alan Smithee July 11, 2004
(adj) Describing something that is unfavorable, averse.
That was a rather turqid endeavour!
by Alan Smithee February 28, 2003
One who is actually a moron. One who is not just called a moron, but actually is a moron.
A: "Soccer is boring"
B: "You're wrong, soccer is the best sport on the face of the earth. It's so obvious because people all over the world like it and it's possible for someone elses opinion to be wrong."
A: "Dude, you are a true moron."
by Alan Smithee July 09, 2004
A girl more brilliant than a supernova
Aka, do you know why you're exastellaric? Cause you illuminate than one hundred heptalux.
by Alan Smithee September 11, 2011
A small little girl who wears glasses and dresses like a student.
Brenda calls herself chibibrenda.
by Alan Smithee July 13, 2004

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