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describes a person that is extremely masculine or posessing male-like qualities; positive for a male and negative for a female. comes from the fact that the male sex comes from the y chromosome.
-"wow, that Dave is totally dreamy and raised to the y, he should be crowned prom king."
-"Oh i know, right?"
by Aladdin February 21, 2005
verb. to lie of cheat
shawty stop fakin on me.
by aladdin April 19, 2005
verb. to hate to be an hater. the opposite of feeling, or not to care about
1.baby i just want you to know that i'm feinin you.
2.stop feining all ya haters.
by aladdin April 19, 2005
To hate, to be an hater. the opposite meaning of feeling, not to care about.

this word was used in part of street ryms used by freestylist rappers. orginaly started by a pakistani kid in mid-town maryland. later grew throughout newyork and LA.
I hate your shoes. well stop feining
by aladdin April 19, 2005

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