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Any large adult male that acts or does things that any other man would considered to be gay; puto squared.
I saw Jose was walking out of Starbucks with a tray up to his chin and a Bluetooth, and I yelled out, "MAS PUTO!"
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009
Slang word for a famales private area.
Daaang... Maria's panooch stunk up the whole party!
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009
A typical symbol used by teenagers during texting to indicate that their eyes are tired of too much texting or they got jizz in their eye.
Jimmy: GTG... late
Carl: k me 2. im @_^
Jimmy: lmfao!
Jimmy: o nuthin
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009
Gorilla Snot in English: an actual gel product straight from Mexico. Best quality of all time (like any true Mexican)
*Google it you disbelievers
Girl: Hey sexy, I like your hair. How do you keep it flawless like that?
-girl touches hair
Guy: Oh like this... mocos de gorila. gorilla snot
Girl: Ew! Ew! you sick bastard
Guy: Calm down thats the name of my gel product
Girl:Oh! What a relief.

*Guy aside: damn pendeja gets worser things jizz on her hands and doesn't complain
by alacran2121 November 24, 2009
Any asian's version of of their weed bong.
YuYu got lit with his beautifully crafted tax-an-bong.
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009
Anyone that has long curly hair and claims that they have money and are all that.
Our friend goldie locs thinks he's all that but we'll still kick his ass.
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009
A more precise and correct word similar to jaw.
Ex) Eyy vato my yaw hurts.
by alacran2121 November 23, 2009

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