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Music based on but not limited to guitar, drums, bass, and vocals.A genre of music that loves music; performed not for fame or fortune but to feed their soul, tooken over by the music.
ac/dc, jimi hendrix, bob marley, the beatles, dave mathews band, lynyrd skynyrd, led zeppelin, U2, coldplay, aerosmith, the rolling stones, jim croce, sting, nirvana, supertramp, pink floyd, eric clapton, metallica, van halen, santana, phish, vanessa carlton(dont hate on vanessa)
by alabama boy June 07, 2005
A Christian who strives to live the way God intended us to(loving one of another and in happiness). Strives for peace and love. Strives to protect the world's natural environment.
a form of (neo hippie)
by alabama boy June 07, 2005

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