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A jasian is a person who has one asian (form the continent asia for all you douches who don't know what an asian is) parent and one jewish parent. These types of people are very rare and Hitler would have a field-day with them.
Tim: "Look at that fucked up jasian kid!"
John: "Why do Jews like asians so much?"
by alabama February 18, 2006
1. A Crank Case is your bladder. This term is usually used when someone has to go to the bathroom and doesn't want to be completly rude or just to be funny.

2. A Crank Case is also a part in a car.
"Excuse me, I have to go defule my Crank Case."
by alabama February 18, 2006
The bookmark is not a sex postion. It is more like a torture postion. The bookmark needs three things to be done. It needs a giver, a receiver, and a book. The giver picks out a fairly big sized book and opens it to the middle (400 pages to page 200) and the receiver places his penis in the book. Then the giver slams the book shut.
"Damn those bookmarks fucking hurt!"
by alabama December 21, 2005

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