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a term used to describe validation in the black community, more specifically in the rough neighborhoods. So the rumor goes...a person equipped with a hood pass could venture off into an unknown black neighborhood without fear of having their pockets turned inside out or having guns drawn on them.
John Mayer: Whats up my nigga !!
random black person: What d'you say son??
John Mayer: Its cool bro, i got a hood pass.
by al84 February 11, 2010
a virtual item called the "Ninurta's Sash" on FFXI online game for the PS2 or PC & Xbox. Quite possibly the hardest item to obtain on the hardest mob in the game. As of this posting of this definition, only 1 is known to exist on all servers combined. The controversy surronding this item, is how it has never dropped again, and maybe AV has been killed about 20+ times so far across all servers.
When the only time it has dropped it have been given to a Tarutaru Samurai. While the community on a forum that found out about this, questioned about why it went to this paticular person.

player 1: yesss we killed AV
player 2: please please please come on sash drop please
player 1: nope, just a rod
player 2: damn it, i was hoping i would be the 2nd person of all ffxi to get it.
player 1: lolsash
by al84 August 27, 2006

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