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OH MY GOD!!! Ah, I hate that word it makes me want to pull my hair out. This is the trademark word of those naggy, ultra-high maintenance, whiny, always wanting their way, extremely moody, spoiled rotten girls. In other words a JAP; the kind of person or should I say things that annoys me the most. They say OH MY GOD so much they have me saying it. In my opinion they are the reason, or at least most of the reason, why Jews are hated they sicken me. Whatever you do, don’t call them a JAP. You will ruin their self-esteem. The whole reason why they act the way that they do; not thinking for them selves is because they lack self esteem. And if you ever noticed once you call them a JAP they will immediately say no and turn to the person next to them and ask: Do you think I am a JAP? It’s just not the fact they all talk the same, saying oh my god and like every other word it is their clothes. They where the same exact thing and they have it in 20 colors. They are pure clones of each other which in some cases when it’s early in the morning makes it hard to tell them apart. They would not be caught dead wearing something from wall mart, oh no. The criteria for their clothes are they have to cost a lot more then they are worth. Meaning the staples: Ed Hardy, Solow, Locust, Sugar Lips, Hard tail or anything that comes from Infinity, Kids at Heart, Gotham, or cost way to much. I know if I had clothes like that my mom might have to take a second mortgage out on her house. But how could I forget they ware those horrible UGG boots which have taken first place in the ugliest things I have ever seen right next to legging-ahh. They freak me out they look so nasty especially when they get wet. And if you ask them: “Why are you wearing those boots, they are so ugly?” There only response will be: “But, there comfortable.” Trust me I can find something comfortable, that costs a lot less then $200. When they say that they are comfortable you definitely know that they have been brain washed because that is the answer all of them use. This is the sole reason why I am a member of the acclaimed club CRABS (Committee for the Removal of Atrocious Boots from Society). These girls are spoiled rotten. They will never have to work a day in their life because their dad’s will support them. They are just like their gold digger mothers who live off there husband and have no jobs or careers. I always wondered how they could afford those expensive cars (BMW, Lexus, Mercedes, Range Rover, Jaguar, ect.) when I was a little kid. As they drive those cars, they almost remind me of a clown or raccoon with all that makeup on their faces. To go along with all that make up they can always be spotted sporting a base ball cap. No one has any idea why, I mean seriously you have no job, DO YOUR HAIR; trust me, you’ll have plenty of time not having a job and all. Honest to god, I wish they didn’t sign preempts before they got married because you know when they go to court and sue their husbands for full custody of the kids; they are also going to get a boat load of money to “support them.” My dream is that their husbands would leave them (divorce) and they would wine up living in the hood somewhere. And on top of that, they would work at McDonalds, flipping burgers. The feeling of seeing them doing that would almost be better then winning the mega million jackpot. But, don’t get me wrong I would love to win mega millions then go to McDonalds and order from the dollar menu with a thousand dollar bill!-Like they could one fucking day in my shoes
Ryan:Hey look at that jap
Leslie:I know foreal she looks likes a spoiled rottten bitch
Ryan:Lets Mug her
Leslie:U read my mind
by al-lee February 07, 2008

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